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Services for Cytotoxins, Linkers and ADC Conjugation

  • Custom-synthesis of cytotoxins from grams to hundreds of grams

  • MMAE, MMAF and analogs

  • MMAE-Linkers or MMAF-linkers

  • Ansamitocin, Maytansine and derivatives

  • Maytansinoid-Linkers, such as DM1, DM3 and DM4, etc

  • Calicheamicin and analogs

  • Linkers (cleavable and non-cleavable linkers)

  • Customized new toxins, linkers and ADCs

Products from Cytotoxins, Cytotoxin-Linkers, Linkers, and ADC Conjugates

We provide a number of cytotoxins, toxin-linkers, and linkers, which are mostly available in bulk
quantities from grams to hundreds of grams or can be custom- synthesized in a timely fashion.