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NK cells

NK cells are large granular lymphocytes,which different from the group of T,
B lymphocytes. NK cells can synthesize and secrete a variety of cytokines,
such as IFNγ, TNFα, IL1, IL5, IL8, IL10 and GCSF.
Our Technology and Service:

  • Provide corresponding antibody of NK cell surface receptor
  • Use AC technology  to label Antigen,antibody and cytokine from  
    NK cells
  • Help analyze and identify tumor immunotherapy-related targets
    about NK cells and other immune cells

Detection of cytokines on an intracellular level provides one useful set
of data. Cytokines from cell populations can be quantified by techniques
such  AC dye technology and ELISA. AC technology can simultaneously
quantify multiple cytokines from the same sample, while ELISA is a
useful assay for measuring levels of single cytokines.
FluoroSpot ( fluorescence immunity spot experiment ) can
be used to test the secretion of cytokines in the single cell
level. As ELISpot , FluoroSpot is a sensitive, simple
operation method. In FluoroSpot experiment, a mixture of
different monoclonal antibodies cytokines used in the
sandwich method. Unlike ELISpot, FluoroSpot using a
fluorescently labeled detection reagent.

Applications: T cell and other immune cells.

The FluoroSpot offers seneral advantages over ELISpot and
can be applied to essentially any system where one would
like to monitor dual protein secretion at the single cell level.
The ability to analytes in the same well gives a more detailed
characterization of T-cell populations and is particularly
beneficial when the supply of cells is limited.

FluoroSpot applications in immune cells:
  • Analysis of polyfunction T cells in infection,cancer,
    allergy and autoimmune disease
  • Monitoring and characterization of vaccine-induced T-
    cell responses
  • Analysis of T cells with distinct cytokine profiles(such as
    Th1 and Th17
  • Determination of Th1 versus Th2 responses in allergies
    and allergen immunotherapy
  • Enumeration of B cells secreting antigen-specific
    antibodies of different isotypes
Our Technology and

  • Unique ELISA,
    FluoroSpot kit etc,
    the kit has a unique
    dyes, reagents and