ACES is a leading provider for fully Integrated chemical and biological
services and products in the area of
). We are dedicated to offer numerous payloads/linkers products
and ADC conjugation services as well as
in vitro and in vivo biological
assay. Our proprietary acestatins are composed of  twelve novel
payloads (new versions of auristatins E, F and dolastatin 10) with
cleavable and non-cleavable linkers. ADCs prepared from acestatins
demonstrated the same or improved efficacy and safety profiles than
ADCs from other auristatins and dolastatins
in vitro and in vivo
tumor models. For the details, please click here to read more.
              building blocks of life
We provide proteins and nucleic to label antibodies, proteins,
peptides, ligands and synthetic oligonucleotides and other
biomolecules. These products can be directly used in the
immunohistochemical, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), cell
tracer, receptor labeling and cell chemical application and probes of
biological structure, function and interaction. These products are also
powerful tools for other biotin and hapten conjugated biomolecules.

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antibody, protein, peptide and nucleic acid.
We offer numerous natural and
synthetic peptides, including
antigen peptides, probe
peptides, inhibitory peptides.

With our vast experience and
state of the art facility and

technology, we can efficiently
make any customized peptides
in a timely manner.
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Our antigen peptides allow the creation of peptide antibodies in
animals without the need of purifying the protein of interest. Peptides
have recently been used in the study of protein structure and function.  
Inhibitory peptides are also used in clinical research to examine the
effects of peptides on the inhibition of cancer proteins and other
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Customized synthesis of target
inhibitors, drug intermediates,
catalogue building blocks,
biolabeling molecules, and
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powerful synthetic tools and
We specialize in synthesizing target inhibitors, including IDO inhibitors
for cancer immunotherapy, biologically-biased building blocks,
especially, multi functional heterocyclic, chiral, boronic molecules.
These products have been widely used in drug discovery and life
science research programs from pharmaceutical, biotechnological
industries and other academic research institutions. Over thirty
thousands of these building blocks are available from grams to
hundreds of kilograms or can be custom- synthesized efficiently.
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Research and
development of  robust
and efficient process for
production of API, drug
intermediates, and
building blocks in kilo lab
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process technology
Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC): Mechanism of action

Our ADC platform
including proprietary
payloads, linkers,
payload-linker kits, ADC
novel technolody, and
conjugation services,
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Fluorescence dyes, bioprobes,
and easy to use kits for protein
and  nucleic labeling, and
integrated services for
customized biolabeling needs,  
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  • Provides a unique fluorescent dye(AC dye) for different antigens
  • Unique fluorescent labeling technology
  • Labeled antigen, antibodies and cytokines of T cells, NK cells
    and other immune cells
  • Provides the analysis of antigen, cytokine from immune cell and
    provide the best marker dye
  • Unique ELISPOT, FluoroSpot kit etc
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